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Magliano is situated in the north of Tuscany, near Fivizzano in the province of Massa Carrara. It is located on an escarpment to the left of the Arcinazzo River to the south of the so called “Costa di Lebi”. It has a poulation of 120, and as in all of Lunigiana has many additional visitors in the summer and festive seasons. Tourism in Magliano and Lunigiana in general is a growing industry thanks to its enviable scenery, tranquility and local cuisine.




The old stone houses, once forgotten, have become a cult for tourists, in particular from Northern Europe. Thanks to its natural beauty Magliano has become highly sought after by tourists as a base for vacations in this area. It’s ideal altitude, hardly ever allows it to be reached by the mists from the valley below to reach Magliano and the view of the Apuana Alps is breathtaking. Magliano is ideal for vacations in all seasons. Above all it is the natural endowments of Magliano that make it so highly appreciated: the sound of leaves moving in the wind, the beating of birds wings, the tapping of woodpeckers, the flowing of a stream; the aromas of flowering plants, of freshly ploughed earth, of local cooking. We hope that you will come to visit us soon to enjoy all the best from our region.



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